Professional Skills From The Professional Game

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The aim of the Pro-X (Professional Experience) Rugby Academy is to offer the professional rugby experience to all of its male & female members.

We offer skills, nutrition and strength & conditioning programs from professional rugby programs, players and coaches, delivered by professional players and coaches who know the professional program and have been involved at the 'ELITE' level of the game, so you wont enter your next program, try out or season underprepared.

Pro-X Rugby Academy will cater to the unique needs of each individual player, whether the aim is to perform in Canada or overseas, at the Olympics or at the collegiate level (Pro-X Scholarship Program), we have the right program to help all achieve their goals.

If you are an individual, group, team or club from junior high school to senior level Pro-X will design a program based around your hours and goals, all you need is to be prepared!