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PVL – Pure Vita Labs is proud to bring you the highest quality sports supplements on the market. We formulate, manufacture and distribute our own products, so we know exactly what goes into them. On the other hand, we also know what doesn't go into them. PVL products are 100% all natural, with no artificial flavors, colors, or sweeteners. Our entire office line is also Informed Choice Certified, meaning that all PVL supplements have been tested for banned substance by the world class sports anti-doping lab, LGC.

From our Whey protein, to our BCAAs, the entire line is designed with the athlete in mind. We look forward to being a part of your athletic achievements. Helping you push the bar higher, win at the highest levels, and set personal records for years to come. Pure energy. Pure power. Pure endurance.

Pure Vita Labs partners with Pro-X Rugby Academy supplements recovey training
Nike Rugby Camp partner with Pro-X Rugby delivering top tier camps in canada


These camps offers accelerated learning of current and effective rugby skills in a fun and positive environment. Learn the best techniques from the professional and international game to get the best results with your passing, handling, positioning and kicking. Experience unparalleled insight into the necessary steps involved in developing at your own pace from a junior to senior player, and on to professional/full international standard.

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