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Previous post when he switched codes

Some harsh reviews on his first game back in rugby league.

It's a different game, defences are more organized, harder to break, impacts are bigger, people just dont fall off tackles and the game is so relentless by nature.

It's going to take a month or so to even be at a point where he can play the full 80mins.

The attrition factor is a huge part of rugby league, it asks questions of you mentally that few sports do.

I myself went back to Super League from rugby union, the first game was a massive shock to the system, unless you're in that environment from day 1 of preseason you're going to playing catch up for a while.

It should also be seen as an eye opener to many programs in North America as to just how many levels above these leagues are in terms of sheer physicality, not just skill.

If you're in a program run by people who have never played or coached the game at any level, or even any other professional sport, how far can you truly go? Unless you've been involved in some capacity, where are you getting your information? From stats? Youtube?

It's all well and good judging players and performances, but what is it based on? How did you come to that conclusion? How are you readying & improving people?

The harshest judge in rugby legaue is the game, if you're not 100%, you'll be exposed.

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