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  • Stephen Thomas

Six Nations 2023, Italy to finish last (again)?.........and why it doesnt matter.

As the 2023 World Cup fast approaches, can Italy gain some momentum and finish above last place for the first time since 2015? when Scotland propped up the table.

Since 2000 Italy have finished bottom 17 times which has the media and some other nations calling for them to be relegated, or replaced.

So, the point of this topic is firstly, will they finish last?

Most likely, they have the weekest squad, with the weakest clubs in terms European competition compared to the other five nations, and a pretty tough draw with favorites France first up and then a trip to England.

Secondly, does it matter?

If you ask the other nations, yes, purely due to the financial aspect of how money is ditributed and how the remaining shares are divided.

Around 15% of Six Nations shares were sold to CVC Capital for close to $600M with Italy reciving in the ball park of $50M, which could have been shared between the other nations and will surely be viewed and money lost.

Than take into account Italy reportedly own an equal (remaining) share in the Six Nations, which would be worth what anyone is willing to pay for it.

It would take a huge financial effort (and vote) for the other nations to get rid of them and none are in a position to make that effort, especially post covid.

So, besides the bad look of finishing last, the knock on effect that could have on the sports standing in the country, why would they leave? what competition would they go to? finishing last makes good business sense at this point in time, theres no valid reason to walk away.

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